What happens at CAMHS?

CAMHS is a place where lots of different people work. They are specially trained to talk with children and their families about problems they are having.

Talking help can sometimes be called ‘therapy’. Therapy with children can include playing, drawing, doing quizzes and other fun things. Some children have therapy on their own and others might come with their family or people who are important to them. In therapy, you might be asked to fill out forms to ask about your thoughts or worries and also how you think the therapy sessions are going.

Sometimes, a CAMHS doctor (psychiatrist) might think you can be helped by taking medicine. If so, they will talk to you and your family about the medicine and you will have the chance to ask the doctor any questions you have about taking it.

Everyone is different, so the help they need will be different too. At CAMHS, we will talk together with you and your family to decide what kind of help is right for you. This includes how long you might need help for and who will be the best person to see you from our team. Your first visit will help us to learn what kind of help you need.

Find out more about visiting CAMHS for the first time

Who works at CAMHS?

These are some of the people you might meet if you visit CAMHS (in alphabetical order):

  • Art therapists
  • Child psychotherapists
  • Family therapists
  • Primary mental health workers
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists

If you want to know more about what these words mean, have a look at the who works at CAMHS page in the young people’s section. You might meet other people who work at CAMHS too. If you are not sure what their job is called or what it means, it’s OK to ask.

Can I change the person who is working with me?

If you would like a different person to work with you at CAMHS, please tell your CAMHS worker or another grown-up. It won’t make us cross – we really want to hear what you think about coming here and find out what works for you.