What is Collingham Child and Family Centre?

Collingham Child and Family Centre is a place where children and families come when they are feeling stuck and need help with problems they are having at home or school or both.

Some examples of problems include: problems with behaviour; not getting on with your family, other adults or other children; problems with eating, sleeping or concentrating; difficulties with learning; or feeling very sad, anxious or worried.
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Before you come to Collingham, some of the staff from the centre will talk to the grown-ups who know you about the problems that you and your family have been having.

If we think we can help you, we invite you and your family to Collingham to have a look around. You will have lots of chances to ask questions. We will agree goals for you and your family to work on during your stay at Collingham.

Who makes the decision about whether you come to Collingham depends on how much you are able to understand about this decision. (This is called ‘Gillick competence’). Usually children coming to Collingham are not ready to decide this for themselves and grown-ups will make this decision for them. Even if others make the decision, your views are very important to us and we will discuss things with you regularly. The same will apply to your treatment at Collingham.

If you are unhappy about your treatment at Collingham, for example the medicines you are taking, individual sessions, family therapy meetings and other groups, you should talk to a member of staff and your parents/carers. They will need to decide with you if you need to continue with medicines and sessions.

  • You might meet all sorts of people while you stay at Collingham, and they have all been specially trained to work with children. These include doctors, nurses, teachers, psychologists, social workers, and family therapists.
  • Children stay in the centre from Monday to Friday and go home at weekends. Parents and carers usually visit on Wednesdays. Parents and carers can call the centre and speak to their children every evening. Most children stay for a few months.
  • Collingham Child and Family Centre is in Kensington, in central London. Kensington is a nice area, with lots to see and do nearby. The centre has a garden and a play area, and has a minibus so that children can go out on trips.