Education at Collingham

Education at Collingham is provided by teachers working for Chelsea Community Hospital School.

There are three teaching groups:

  • The Red Group – usually for younger primary-aged children
  • The Blue Group – usually for older primary-aged children
  • The Green Group – for secondary-aged children

The make-up of each group depends on the needs of the children, but there will not be more than six children in a group working with a teacher and a learning assistant and/or a member of the nursing team.
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Our contact with the children usually starts when we observe them in school before admission and meet with the school to discuss their concerns. Where possible we like parents/carers to attend this meeting so that everyone can share their views and have the same information.

Following admission, we have a three-week initial assessment period. Teachers then create an individual education plan (IEP) for each child, outlining what they will be learning in maths, English and science over the next half-term. The IEP also includes targets relating to behaviour in class. These plans are shared with parents/carers and children, and reviewed every half-term.

Children have access to the full National Curriculum delivered through stand-alone lessons and a thematic approach. They can also continue to do work provided by their home school. Parents or carers and children receive a copy of the timetable at admission.

If a child joins us in Year 6 they can complete their Key Stage 2 SATs at Collingham and the papers are returned to the home school for marking.

When schools and/or parents/carers believe that a child needs more support to achieve their potential, the Collingham teachers are available to advise on and contribute to the Statutory Assessment process which can lead to a child receiving additional support or attending a more specialised school.

Leading up to discharge, the teacher and parents or carers will meet with the home school to discuss return and reintegration. An individual programme of supported visits is drawn up and the teaching team is then available to provide advice and some support for up to a term after discharge.

Teachers are available to meet with parents on Monday mornings and after 3.30pm each day.

Contact information

The Head Teacher, Janette Steel, can be contacted on 020 8746 8673.

The Assistant Head, Amanda Thompson, is based at Collingham and can be contacted on 020 7361 7940.

More information about Chelsea Community Hospital School is available at