Collingham Child and Family Centre has developed a unique model of inpatient care for children with a wide range of complex and severe mental health problems.

The idea of an inpatient admission is a huge step for children and families, and we do not underestimate this. We believe that an inpatient admission can offer real hope of respite, understanding and the possibility of change.

On admission, children and families typically feel that aspects of life are unmanageable and often unsafe. The centre provides a safe, child-centred environment.

Children stay at the centre from Monday to Friday. Right from the start, we work with parents and carers to help them look after their children at weekends. Working in partnership with children, families and community-based professionals, such as teachers and social workers, is at the centre of our practice.

Every child has a case co-ordinator, key nurses, key doctors, teachers and a variety of other professionals working with them. We expect that you will get to know your child’s team well during their stay.
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We recognise that as well as supporting their child at Collingham, parents have to balance work and family commitments. Although parents often have to rearrange other aspects of their lives so they and their child get the most from an admission to Collingham, we try to arrange meetings at times that help parents juggle their commitments.