Problems and treatments


CAMHS work with children and families with a wide range of emotional and behavioural problems. To find out more about the sorts of problems that CAMHS can help with, have a look at the information for adolescents about the problems CAMHS works with. (Similar information is available for children on the problems CAMHS helps with page.)

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CAMHS offer a variety of treatments to children, parents, carers, and families. To find out more about some of the treatments that CAMHS offers have a look at the information for adolescents in how can CAMHS help?

Parents have a crucial role in their child’s life, making it important for them to be involved with their child’s treatment at CAMHS. Level of involvement can vary, from joining the child in therapy (as in family therapy), attending review appointments, or having parent support sessions.

Many CAMHS also offer parenting groups for parents and carers. These provide an opportunity to learn and share ideas about how to manage difficulties they are having with their children, in a supportive setting with others who might be experiencing similar concerns.

CAMHS also offer support to parents and carers of children under five.

Additional information

Problems CAMHS works with includes links to relevant services under each problem. Here are some organisations that provide specific services for parents and carers:

Provides advice and practical support for single parents.

Charity aiming to end child cruelty in the UK. Its website includes support and advice for parents and carers.

Winston’s Wish
Charity for bereaved children. Its website also has information for parents and carers.

Women’s Aid
Provides support and information for women and children experiencing domestic abuse.

Local support and resources

For information on resources in your local area, find services.