Other parents’ experiences of CAMHS

We asked some parents and carers about their experiences of CAMHS. Here’s what they said:

What is it like as a parent or carer of a child coming to CAMHS?

“I am very glad that my child comes to CAMHS. She benefits a lot from the counselling that she has. It helps her to live more fully and deal with school and home. Our relationship has improved so much. It takes time. I find we have to give it time.”

What has CAMHS done to help?

“Firstly, it has helped me with my parenting and helped me to come out of denial about my own shortcomings and negative behaviours. Secondly, it has helped my child overcome intrusive thoughts of self-harm, deal with her thoughts and OCD behaviour.”

“They have taught me how to build a friendly relationship with my child so we can talk about our lives and our problems.”

What would you say to other parents if their child was coming to CAMHS?

“I would say, ‘keep going’. Sometimes family life and circumstances/situations/emotions/behaviours can be difficult. CAMHS can help our children and ourselves to get through and heal.”

“Don’t worry, be open and be strong.”