Training & consultation services

CAMHS works directly with children, families and the professional network around them, and can provide consultation to professionals in this context on a case-by-case basis.

Training and consultation can also be provided on a broader level to other agencies, such as social care and education. The aim of this work is to support their understanding of emotional and behavioural problems in children, and to develop relevant skills in order to support often very complex work with children and their families.

The type of training and consultation provided depends on local need and so varies across CAMHS. Please contact the manager of your local CAMHS for more information about consultation and training services. Information about some CNWL forthcoming training events is also provided via our Twitter feed.

Alternatively, MindEd provides free e-learning on child and adolescent mental health issues.

St Mary’s Higher Training Scheme in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, London prospectus

St-Mary’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry specialist and higher training
scheme is for any psychiatrist wishing to pursue training in this field offers
training for psychiatrists wishing to pursue specialist training in Child &
Adolescent Psychiatry. Download the full prospectus (PDF).