What young people say about CAMHS

If you still feel a bit unsure about coming to CAMHS, we’ve asked some other young people to tell us what they thought about CAMHS.

How did you feel at first?

Lots of them said they felt a bit nervous or scared at first:

  • “Really anxious and scared”
  • “Scared – meeting people and having to talk about things”
  • “Nervous – didn’t know what to expect, worried negative stigma attached.”
  • “Serious, stressed and happy”.

What did coming to CAMHS mean for you?

They had different thoughts about what coming to CAMHS meant for them:

  • “Good thing – to get help/ don’t know what to expect.”
  • “Final acceptance of the problem.”
  • “Felt like going into the unknown.”
  • “It was reassuring to know what help was available.”
  • “Going to CAMHS doesn’t mean you’re crazy.”
  • “The fact that I needed a mental health service made me surprised.”
  • “It was like a weight off my shoulders now that I weren’t keeping it all to myself.”

How has CAMHS helped you?

“Having someone to talk to that is not biased or directly involved with your situation and can give a professional and outsider’s prospective.”

“I had a lot of help through all the different people I saw but I found that the type of therapy that I had … helped me recognise what I done, how I felt, how I reacted, and helped me to change these things myself. Rather than looking for alternatives to cope I learnt ways to not get myself to a point where I need something to cope. I learnt how to not get myself into cycles, how to break them. I also found this helped a lot as I wasn’t told what to do, we discussed what I thought a person should do in these situations and applied it all to myself.”

What advice would you give to a young person coming to CAMHS for the first time?

“I would advise someone who was coming to CAHMS for the first time to try and be as open as possible so that the CAHMS staff can get to know you as much as possible and can then provide the best ways in which to help you.”
- Anon

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